Shipping and Delivery


Status of the order:

You have placed an order and received a confirmation email from us, but are you curious about the current status of the order? Log in to our website with your account details and click on "My Account". Now click on "My Order (s)" and go to the order of your choice. You do not necessarily have to click on it, because you immediately see a concise status of the order. If you still want to read a more extensive status or any messages from us to you? Click on the order so that you can see a complete overview of the order. Do you still have questions about the current status of the order or do you have other questions? Contact us .

Follow Package:

Your order is complete, collected, packed and shipped. We have informed you by e-mail that the shipment is on its way, but you still want to keep following it. Log in via "My Account", then go back to "My Order (s)" and click on the order. You can find the latest updates here at Historie, We will have the status updated to "Sent or Shipped" and have the tracking number of the concerning carrier. For small products that easily fit into an envelope and where shipping has been chosen without a tracking number, it is not possible to follow the package. PostNL will deliver this shipment with your normal letter post.

If you still want to know more or do you need help? Then contact us.

Change invoice or delivery address

If you want to change the invoice or correspondence address because you have moved, you can easily change this yourself via "My Account" and "My Address (es)". However, do you want to change your delivery address for a pending order? Add an address to your account and contact us . We will then adjust the delivery address in our system. Note that this must be done before the shipment has been sent. Once on the road it will be difficult to pass on changes, of course we will do our best here too!

Get order in Hooglanderveen?

You do not want to wait for the carrier or you live close by? You are always welcome to collect your ordered products. Always ask if all products are in stock to avoid disappointments. Of course we are happy to speak to you in our showroom and the coffee or tea is ready! You can find the address of our showroom here .

Dutch Delivery Terms

All delivery costs or free deliveries are first approved by us, we then do everything to deliver your order to your address as soon as possible after receiving the payment confirmation. is not liable for any theft or damage or delay of the order after sending from our warehouse. If this is the case, we naturally try to find a solution together. Please read some important points below regarding the shipping and delivery of your order:

Orders ordered via credit card may only be delivered to the address of the cardholder.

All orders that have to be delivered outside the EU, within the EU but in hard-to-reach locations, or to countries such as Switzerland or Norway are separately calculated by us before the shipping costs are billed.

If this is the case, we will first make an offer for you, so that you know exactly what your order will cost before you place it.